From the town of Wells and I-80, go north on US 93 for almost 37 miles.  Just north of the 111 mile marker will be a green sign on the right that says O'Neil Basin 23 Miles. On the left (west side of the highway) will be the turn-off. There is a sign on the left that marks the entry to the gravel road. Begin driving west on the gravel road. The drive to the ranch will be about 30 miles from the highway.  At .4 miles, take the right fork.  At 8 miles you’ll pass by the Boies Reservoir.  At about 21.6 miles there’ll be an “intersection” with a big sign that says “Bell Brand Ranches” and a small “Cottonwood Ranch” sign.  Turn right at the intersection. At about 22.3 miles the road will take you through the Gilmer Ranch.  At 22.7 miles you’ll pass by a sign saying “Camp Creek 8.”  At 24.9 miles you’ll pass over Cottonwood Creek.  At 26.4 miles you’ll come to a fork in the road.  Take the left fork and follow the Cottonwood Ranch signs.  At around 30 miles, stay to the left and enter the Cottonwood Ranch gate. Once you’ve entered, please close the gate if you originally found it closed.  Follow the small wooden signs to the Cottonwood Lodge.