Our mission is to provide a customized, personal, need-based Ranch retreat for postwar service members.  The goal is to calm the mind, body and spirit, while facilitating a program with depth, to assist postwar service members in the advancement of their personal life, family relationships, career and future.  A place to unwind, reboot, build trust, and reconnect with nature.


The Healing Power of Cottonwood Ranch

Situated in the heart of Nevada’s Great Basin, Cottonwood is a fifth generation working horse and cattle ranch. For the last two decades the Smith family has opened their doors to guests from around the world. Guests partake in daily ranch activities as if they are part of the family. The wide-open space affords visitors the opportunity to set aside their busy lifestyles and reconnect with themselves and nature.  The current ranch manager, Agee Smith, served in the Vietnam War. He tells a story of the best package he ever received during his time in the service. What was it? A piece of sagebrush sent from home with love from mom and dad. Agee and the rest of the family feel strongly about the healing power the ranch offers as they have seen the transformation in people from all walks of life. Cottonwood is excited to open their doors for the Veterans’ Ranch and Wilderness Retreat. 

Veteran’s Ranch and Wilderness Retreats

Is a Non-Profit Organization created to raise the funds needed to provide veterans with the opportunity to rest and relax and recharge the soul. 

It is a dedicated organization created to offer veterans a chance to come to a working cattle and horse ranch and enjoy the wide open spaces.

Visit Veteran's Ranch and Wilderness Retreat website to learn more information: http://www.vrwretreat.com/

Career and Educational Advancement

During the pre-trip interview, a professional and the candidate will identify interests.  We have in the area a wide selection of natural resource, wildlife, law enforcement, geology, mining, and agricultural opportunities.  High speed internet will accommodate bridging the distance gap for other interests.  Career professionals can be available to assist with career advancement and mentoring.

Key Offerings

-Enjoy and learn horseback riding or work on the ground with a young horse.

-Explore the animal/human connection with horses.

- Hike or Ride into the remote Jarbidge Wilderness.

-Opportunity for guided month specific wildlife viewing- Sage Grouse strutting (April/May) and Elk bugling (Sept/Oct).

-Camping trips allowing the opportunity to support agriculture, wildlife, or resource needs such as trail clearing.

-Day to day activities ranch life- fix fence, checking cows, irrigating, and daily care of animals.


Privately funded by donations.  100% percent of your contributions go towards providing veterans with this unique experience.